How can you use a bookkeeper to manage relationships with your customers

Manage relationships in your accounting package

With an online accounting package, your boekhouder is always in order. You easily book incoming and outgoing invoices and link your accounting to your bank account, payment methods or webshop. However, most accounting packages do even more. For example, you also use your accounting program to manage your relationships. Especially if you want to know more about boekhouders in Alkmaar or boekhouders in Tilburg its important to know which options you have.

The benefits of relationship management in your accounting package

Managing your relationships in your accounting package offers a number of important benefits.

Save the overview

By managing your relationships in your accounting package, you can easily keep an overview. You always and everywhere have insight into the details of a customer and you quickly see whether you still owe anyone money or whether you still have money from a customer. Some accounting packages also offer the option of emailing your customers directly from the accounting program.

Easy invoicing

If you have included your relations in accounting, sending and processing invoices is even easier. You easily link an invoice to the right relation and often there is also the possibility to create multiple invoices in one go for a large group. You can also set a specific group of customers to receive an invoice from you periodically. Have you also linked accounting to a collection agency and your bank account? Then the processing of invoices and payments is fully automatic and you do not have to do anything anymore.

The bank link

Online accounting is simple, safe and saves a lot of time. By linking accounting to various other systems, you hardly have to do anything manually anymore. An important link for your accounting is with your bank.

The benefits of a bank link

By linking your bank to your accounting, you save time and you avoid making typing or calculation errors. A bank link ensures that bank transactions appear automatically in the accounting and are processed. Payments no longer have to be entered manually, so you make fewer mistakes.

How does a bank link work?

The bank link actually works in three steps: importing, processing and checking.


Depending on the agreements between the accounting package and the bank, credits and debits are imported live or daily. With a live (or real-time) link, transactions are always placed directly in the accounting. With daily import, the transactions are imported every day or for example on three fixed days per week. Some bank links only import on business days.


Processing payments is linking a transaction to an outstanding item. The bank link compares all credit and debits with outstanding invoices and accounts and tries to compare these with each other. For this, in most cases the system compares the amount, the invoice number and the name of the customer or supplier. Do the data match? Then the transaction is processed.

To check

Sometimes transactions remain open because they do not correspond to an outstanding item. For example, a customer has entered the wrong invoice number or paid too little and a statement line cannot be processed automatically. You can process any remaining statement lines by manually linking them to an invoice.