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Why Write for Radio?

You'll notice in our program that we have a practical workshop on writing for radio coming up. You may be thinking, why write for radio? Well, there are a number of opportunities to get your writing out there, that you may not have yet considered. One of them being narrative drama for radio. Here, we've listed some reasons (taken from the BBC's blog) why writing for radio is a great idea:

Young Writers Award - SA Students

The SAETA Young Writers’ Award is open to all South Australian students.

Dubnium is Back and Seeking Submissions

Dubnium is back and on the prowl for submissions from talented
South Australian writers.

We're very excited to announce that we are running the young editors project, Dubnium, again in 2014.


Quick and Dirty Reading Clips

If you missed our March Quick and Dirty readings, you can check out some snippets here:
The next Q&D will be held in May at The Howling Owl.

Program for Writers with Disability

Writers with Disability Program 2014
SAWC’s program for writers with disability continues in 2014. Writers are encouraged to apply now.
Writers on the program will receive:

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