Cameron Raynes

Cameron Raynes

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Cameron Raynes

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Cameron has a PhD in Anthropology. He did his fieldwork with the Ngarinyman people of the Northern Territory, with his thesis exploring the moral subtext of their oral history. He lives in Semaphore and has worked as a barman, welfare worker, archivist, anthropologist, writer and editor. Currently, he combines part-time work as a writer and editor for a communications company with his own writing projects. Cameron won the Josephine Ulrick Literary Prize in 2008 for his short story, ‘Taxi’, and is working on a collection of short stories, a novel, and a follow-up to his history, The Last Protector.

Latest book:

The Last Protector: the illegal removal of Aboriginal children from their parents in South Australia
Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2009

The Last Protector is the first book-length analysis of the removal of Aboriginal children from their parents in South Australia. It focuses on the work of the last Chief Protector of Aborigines, William Penhall, and makes extensive use of archival records of immense value and importance, the contents of which have never previously been made available to the public. With its assembly of Aboriginal and white voices taken directly from the records of the South Australian Government, The Last Protector unlocks the history of the illegal removal of Aboriginal children.

Essays/articles, Film/TV, Historical fiction, Literary fiction, Middle childhood, Non-fiction

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