David Conyers

David Conyers

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David Conyers

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David Conyers is an Australian author of science fiction and dark fiction, residing in Adelaide. His publications are found in the numerous anthologies, speculative fiction magazines and journals. Between 2004 and 2006 he was the Associate Editor for Book of Dark Wisdom. David has been short-listed for the Aeon Award in Ireland and the Ditmar, Australian Shadows and Aurealis Award in Australia, and won the Australian Horror Writers Association Flash Fiction Award. His first novel The Spiraling Worm co-authored with John Sunseri, was published in 2007. He is the editor of the horror fiction anthology Cthulhu’s Dark Cults.

Latest book:

The Spiraling Worm
Chaosium Inc., San Francisco, USA, 2007

Beyond the veil of rationality and the mundane, cosmic terror waits, ready to tear through space and time to consume the Earth. From the icefields of Antarctica to the war torn jungles of Africa, from the blistering deserts of Australia to the power halls of the United States government, the deranged servants of cosmic horrors lurk everywhere, ready to free their alien masters. Only a few men are willing to stand against them, Major Harrison Peel of Australian Army Intelligence, and Jack Dixon of the NSA. They fight the fight no one else will, the battle for humanity’s survival.

Sample bibliography:

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults (Editor)
Chaosium Inc., San Francisco, USA, 2008

Secrets of Kenya
Chaosium Inc., San Francisco, USA, 2007

Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

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