Jane Jolly

Author’s name:
Jane Jolly

Pen name(s):
Jane Jolly

Author description:
Jane Jolly is a full time Primary School teacher who finds time to write in her spare time. She loves the picture book genre but has written longer pieces which are yet to be published.

Latest book:

Ali The Bold Heart
Limelight Press, Sydney, 2006

In his homeland Ali ‘is a magician’. When Ali flees his homeland it is time to find freedom. On arriving in Australia he is locked up in the middle of the desert. Will his magic help him to get free?

Sample bibliography:

Glass Tears
Limelight Press, Sydney, 2004

Limpopo Lullaby
Limelight Press, Sydney, 2004

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Jane Jolly
Email: janejolley@hotkey.net.au
Phone: 08 8536 2725

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school visits, speaking engagements