Kate Deller-Evans

Kate Deller-Evans

Author’s name:
Kate Deller-Evans

Author description:
Kate Deller-Evans is a poet and lecturer in creative, professional and academic writing. She also researches and publishes in the area of learning and study skills. Active in the writing and editing communities, she serves on committees for festivals, conferences, and judging prizes. She appears on writers’ databases and has won grants for a community project and her own writing. Artists have illustrated her poems on pottery and paper. Apart from textbooks and poems she is currently writing for younger readers and on a fantasy trilogy for adults. Her next co-authored publication, Best of Friends, is a thirty-year retrospective of Friendly Street.

Latest book:

Essential Skills for Science and Technology (co-author)
Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2007

Essential Skills for Science and Technology is an indispensable guide for any student studying science or technology. Focused on step-by-step skills development, this book aims to help readers become better students who are more likely to succeed. Written specifically for students of science and technology, the book focuses on three key skills areas – research, argumentation and critical analysis; quantitative methods; and the conventions of written and oral communication. Key topics include an introduction to tertiary study, e-learning and assessment; reading scientific literature, thinking & arguing critically; writing, research and presenting; and quantitative methods including fundamental mathematics, calculus, problem solving and statistics.

Sample bibliography:

Coming into the World
Bookends Books, Adelaide, 2003

Another Universe: Friendly Street Poets 28
Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2004

Lift Off!: An Introduction Course in Creative Writing
Ginninderra Press, Canberra, 2001

Erotica, Fantasy, Middle childhood, Non-fiction, Picture book, Poetry, Young adult fiction, Other

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Kate Deller-Evans
Email: kate.deller@flinders.edu.au
Phone: 0400 930 001
Address: Flinders University English Department, PO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001

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school visits, workshops, mentoring, assessments, speaking engagements