Kristin Weidenbach

Kristin Weidenbach

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Kristin Weidenbach

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Kristin Weidenbach is the author of Mailman of the Birdsville Track: the story of Tom Kruse which has sales of over 100,000 and is currently in its 21st printing since publication in 2003. She has just completed her second book, Rock Star: the Story of Reg Sprigg which was released in September 2008. Kristin is a PhD immunologist who switched to a writing career after completing postdoctoral research at Stanford University in California. As a science writer Kristin has written for Science magazine and for publications from Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools. Her magazine articles have been awarded prizes from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education and from the Association of American Medical Colleges. She has also written for Outback magazine and Australian Geographic.

Latest book:

Rock Star: the story of Reg Sprigg—an outback legend
East Street Publications, Adelaide, 2008

Rock Star tells the life of pioneering Australian, Reg Sprigg, renowned as one of our nation’s greatest geologists. By the age of 30 Reg had discovered the oldest fossils in the world and some of its deepest under-sea canyons. He had worked at Australia’s first two uranium mines and searched for material to construct the world’s first atomic bomb. He helped set up the oil exploration companies Santos and Beach Petroleum, and discovered the great Cooper Basin oil and gas fields. By the time he was 50 Reg had driven the first vehicle across the Simpson Desert and crossed the continent from north, south, east and west. He had also launched Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary, one of Australia’s first eco-tourism resorts. He was always at the forefront of his field and only now is the rest of the world coming to appreciate the extent of his endeavours.

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Mailman of the Birdsville Track: the story of Tom Kruse
Hodder, Sydney, 2003

Australiana, (Auto)biography, Historical fiction, Non-fiction

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