Malcolm Walker

Malcolm Walker

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Malcolm Walker

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Born and raised in London, Malcolm has travelled widely and worked in Europe, Central and South America. Although he’s still addicted to travelling, his love of Australia, its country and its easy-going attitudes, saw him settle in Adelaide, where he now lives with his family. He divides his time between writing and part-time teaching at the University of Adelaide. His interests include the family Labrador, furniture making and soccer, in particular waiting for the World Cup to roll around again.

Latest book:

The Stone Crown
Walker Books Australia, Sydney, 2008

The Stone Crown is a reworking of the Arthurian legend. Author Malcolm Walker had always been intrigued by the legend of King Arthur. However, even as a teenager, he was sceptical about the courtly knights and round table of the traditional tales: Arthur was always a more shadowy figure, retreating into the mist-shrouded Dark Ages.

Fantasy, Young adult fiction

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