It’s all about location!—1992 saw the SA Writers’ Centre move to 242 Pirie Street—formerly the Media Resource Centre. Membership had crept up to 900, and the usual host of events, seminars and youth events occurred: including the launch of an exciting publication for youths, by youths: the dB Young Writers’ Page. Follow the links to find out more!

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5 March 1992
Poets On Popeye

Writers and admirers enjoyed another Poets on Popeye, on Thursday 5 March 1992.

Attendants arrived at the Elder Park Boat Launch on the River Torrens at sunset, to board ‘Adelaide’s own, and only, pleasure boat’. They then indulged in an evening of readings by local, interstate and overseas poets – all the while imbibing carefully chosen cheeses and wines.

The evening was hosted by Anne-Marie Mykyta. Poets included Elizabeth Riddell and Neil Paech (pictured).

They heard the cries of the ‘Minor Poetic’ and the ‘Shorter Story’, listened to the warbling song of the ‘Singer-Songwriter’, and discovered easy methods of identifying all the varieties of writer birds at a glance.

Neil PaechElizabeth Riddell

Poet Neil Paech

Poet Elizabeth Riddell

March 1992
New Writing Performed

World famous writers walked a not-so-straight line from the Tents to Tapas Cafe and Bar to perform alongside the best of our own.

This event featured international and Australian writers every night. Each writer was followed by impromptu performances by the bravest from the floor!

Local writers included: Peter Goers, Natalie Sprite, Myron Lysenko, Steve Evans, Jan Owen, Kerry Greenwood, Brian Matthews, Darrelyn Gunzberg and Tony Page.

Iain BanksZoe FairbairnsNorman Talbot

Iain Banks

Zoe Fairbairns

Norman Talbot

May 1992
Farewell: to Andrew Taylor and Beate Josephi

May saw the farewell to Beate Josephi and Andrew Taylor, who left us for the wilds of Perth.

An informal farewell marked the occasion, with guest speakers giving a 5 minute regale on their lives and times, including Brian Matthews, William Fleming, Moya Costello, John Bray and Peter Goldsworthy.

Andrew Taylor and Beate JosephiFij Miller

Andrew Taylor and Beate Josephi

Fij Miller

September 1992
New Writing Performed

The September ’92 season had an attendance of 250 people. Readers included Les Murray, Mum Fox, Peter Goldsworthy, Mardie McComochi and James Bradley.

Mardie McComochiJames Bradley

Mardie McComochi

James Bradley

December 1992
William Fleming’s Farewell 
& St Lucy’s Party

Tuesday 15 December saw the holding of ‘the big End-of-Year and Farewell-to-William Fleming’ bash at the centre.

William Fleming was the first Literature Officer to be appointed in Australia. He was also, and as a consequence, the longest serving Literature Officer in the country.

His relationship with the SA Writers’ Centre went back to its very beginnings in 1985, and he was amongst the most diligent and faithful supporters the cenre ever had.

As if this isn’t enough, he was further described by various writers as ‘handsome, erudite, charming, perceptive, extremely hard working, and a candidate for Sainthood’.

Needless to say, Sir William was sadly missed.

Stephanie Johnston and William FlemingBarbara McFadyen and Elizabeth Mansutti with William FlemingTeresa Mortlock and Adele Kipping

Stephanie Johnston and William Fleming

Barbara McFadyen and Elizabeth Mansutti with William Fleming

Teresa Mortlock and Adele Kipping at St Lucy’s Party

Seminars & Workshops

April 1992
Romance Writing Seminar

This seminar included Valerie Parv, a visiting interstate writer, and Scott Brodie, from Mills and Boon, Harlequin Silhouette.

Other love struck presenters included Belinda Byrne, Audrey Weigh, Roger Norris-Green and Helen McKerral.

Valerie ParvScott Brodie

Valerie Parv

Scott Brodie

August 1992
Playwriting Course

This course—a combined course with Meet the Author—featured Timothy Daly.

Timothy Daly

Timothy Daly

November 1992
Writing Novels

This seminar featured presenters Sophie Cunningham, John Emery, Barry Westburg, Lolo Houbien and Rory Barnes.

Lolo Houbein

Lolo Houbein


Young Authors’ Night

1992 saw the holding of another greatly sucessful Young Authors Night, at Adelaide High School.

Attendees included Verity Laughton and Rod Martin.

1992 also saw the inception of an exciting new youth forum, dB Young Writers’ Page. Produced by the SA Writers’ Centre with the support of Living Health, the dB Young Writers’ Page was one of the few outlets for young South Australian writers at the time. The page was published monthly in dB Magazine, a free broadsheet aimed at young people (aged 15-30).

Rod Martin (ERA)Verity LaughtondB Young Writers Page

Rod Martin (ERA)

Verity Laughton


Where We’re At

Vital Stats

Membership: around 900

Chair: Barry Westburg

Dianne Brown, Pam Maitland, Adele Kipping, Helen Barker, Anne-Marie Mykyta, Kathy Clark, Kate Simpson, Heather Britton, Jeanne Mazure.

1992 saw the welcoming of a new Administrative Assistant: Erica Sharplin… and a new photocopier from Konika! The Writers’ Centre were agog with such technological wonders as A3 enlarging, A5 reducing and a multi-sheet feeder.

242 Pirie StreetOur new computers

A move to 242 Pirie Street

A new high tech hub