Freda Briggs AO

Freda Briggs AO


Professor Freda Briggs, AO and former Senior Australian of the Year has been a child protection officer with London’s Metropolitan Police, a social worker, educator, author, scholar and consultant to governments. Through her dedication and passion she has worked towards a vision to provide a safer and more caring world for children. As Dean of Early Childhood and Family Studies in South Australia she introduced the world’s first multi-professional course in child protection. Her international work with abused, neglected and disadvantaged children and their families has made her the recipient of many awards such as the Inaugural Australian Humanitarian Award, the ANZAC Fellowship Award, the Jean Denton Memorial Fellowship, the Creswick Fellowship Award, and citations from Rotary International, New Zealand Police and many more.

Latest Book: Child Protection: The Essential Guide for Teachers and Professionals Whose Work Involves Children
Jo-Jo Publishers, Melbourne, 2012
Child Protection provides a comprehensive guide to child abuse and child protection and information needed by all people whose work involves children, and covers all non-medical topics relating to child abuse, neglect and the ways in which abuse can be prevented, identified and managed. The book has been written as a seminal text for all those working with children, especially in schools and early childhood settings, out-of-home care, counselling, police, the legal system and family services. Detailing real cases of child abuse and neglect, Child Protection is an exceptional guide and a book that will help people understand child abuse; its effects for individuals and the wider community; but most importantly, equip them to better protect children.

Other Books:
Smart Parenting for Safer Kids
Jo-Jo Publishers, Melbourne, 2011
Teaching Children to Protect Themselves
Allen & Unwin, 2005


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